Survival Camp Instructions

Drop off at 0830hrs on Sat 26th at the junction indicated in the map.

You then need to hike in a group of no less than two to grid SP 765 148. There’s a full map with grids here you can print. When you arrive make three blasts on the whistle and we will guide you to the camp.

Review the kit list on the consent form, make sure you can carry all your kit on the short hike. Do not drive down the road.

Pick up will be from the drop-off location at 1500hrs on Sunday.

Please remember this is a ‘real’ camp… you will be building your shelter, making your fire, preparing and cooking your food as if you’d caught it.




Survival Camp 2014

We have now received permission to use the woods at Waddesdon Manor for our survival camp. The consent form is available in the downloads section, please return it URGENTLY so we can sort out catering etc.

Don’t forget… this is a ‘build your own shelter’ type event… don’t expect all the luxuries of a normal camp!

Last Meeting

You will have noticed that we have had to postpone the raft building activity. Instead we are going to hold a more social BBQ and Scouting activities event in the North Marston Sports Field on Wed 16th. Family and friends are invited to join us for some BBQ food and a drink.

Please let Mark know rough number so we can correctly cater.

Your patrols Geocache


If you want to place a cache (and earn the badge) make sure you bring some little prizes for the box and find a suitable hiding place. Have a look below for links to all the guidelines and rules.

Dates for the diary…

Scouts, please make a note of these dates:

  • 26/27 July – Expedition camp
  • 30 August – HMS Belfast sleep over
  • 20 September – Gliding

More info in the Events Update pdf on the Downloads page

Wednesday 30th Location

This week we will meet on the Waddesdon Estate. Drop off and pick up will be here…



Indicated by the red circle.


Drive to Waddesdon, enter the estate as per the signs, thru the gates, follow the road and bear right. Before you reach the pay barriers turn left up a small incline and you’ll see us. We will have our mobiles with us! Drop at 1830hrs, pickup at 2030hrs.


Please bring a mug in case we have time for hot chocolate!!!