Cubs Program

Here’s our program for this term. More details are available in MyScout where we will also post information that is restricted to members viewing (eg meeting locations, hike routes, etc).

17/04/2018Welcome back, Games and Challenge night
24/04/2018Code Breaking/ Communicator
01/05/2018Hike Pond life and Hedgerow
08/05/2018First Aid, DIY Wounds and Gore
15/05/2018Cricket Fun night.School Field
22/05/2018Outdoor Science night Pt1
29/05/2018Half Term
05/06/2018MASK talk Sarah Westacott will be talking to the cubs about disability.
20/06/2018Aqua parkWater sports night
26/06/2018Personal Safety Hike
03/07/2018Outdoor Science night Pt2
10/07/2018Water games night
17/07/2018Kayaking We are going Sailing and Kayaking on Friday 17th July at Great Moor Sailing Club near Calvert. Please arrive in full uniform at 6.00pm There are changing rooms for you to change in to. We will be finished about 8.30pm. Pick up no later than 8.45pm, please. Please return permission Form +£5. We must have your permission Form or you cannot Kayak or Sail Please bring with you the following:- Wetsuit (If you have One) Swimming Costume Shorts T-Shirt Fleece in case it gets cold Waterproof Coat and Trousers Spare Trainers to wear in the Kayak / Sailing boats to protect your feet when in the water Drink and something to eat Wet wipes to clean hands First Aid Kit Website of Great Moor Sailing Club, shows location etc Parents can stay and watch. Thank you
24/07/2018End of Term no meeting