Scout Logo‘Scouting has given me a fantastic opportunity to do lots of activities and things that people who are not in Scouts don’t get to do. It’s about having fun with good friends.’

Scouts are the third section of the Scouting movement. From the first experimental camp for 20 boys in 1907, the movement now has an estimated 28 million members worldwide, and in the UK alone there are over 499,000 boys and girls involved in Scouting. An increase in adult volunteers means that more and more young people are now able to take part in their own big adventure. Scouts are typically 10.5-14yrs old.

As an active scout troop, we get up to all sorts of exciting and adventurous activities, both in our regular meetings and on camps and visits. In fact, you can see some of our program over on the right!

Patrols can earn points in most of the activities as well as during Uniform Inspection most weeks. These points determine who wins the annual Patrol of the Year prize and also access to activities. For the weekly uniform inspection the Patrols are ranked and awarded 150, 100, 50 or 25 points.

We meet on Wednesday nights in North Marston from 1830-2030hrs unless otherwise indicated in the members private MyScout diary. Click here if you’re interested in joining!