Kit Advice

There is so much ‘kit’ available it’s really tough to choose the right bits and pieces. Mark has put together the following advice to help you choose the right kit.

Please remember that none of this kit is a requirement to being a Scout, after all the whole point is to help young people be independent in the wild! However, if you do decide to buy some kit for yourself here’s some guidance. Please note we are not intending to endorse a particular product or supplier; just sharing some of our experience and knowledge to help you avoid spending money that you don’t need to!

Costwold Outdoor have a discount policy with Scouts so take your nekka and you can get 10-15% off!

Go Outdoors are offering an extra 10% off in-store and online… click here to get your voucher.

There’s a great video here which will get you thinking about what kit is important.

We will keep updating this page as the Scouts show an interest in particular items.

Sleeping Bags

Army Surplus kit is extremely good quality and great value. You may be able to find a 3 or 4 season bag for £40! There’s lots of on-line suppliers but we have used:


Cooking Equipment

A Crusader Cup is the most versatile cooking pot. You can do a whole meal in one of these and keep the washing up to a minimum! Not too expensive and they will last. Get them labelled though as they’re popular!

Combine this with a ‘spork’ and you’ll be ready to cook and eat a feast! Have a look here for menu ideas.



There are many different compasses available and most to the job adequately.

Things to look for that will make using the compass easier are; a large base plate, scaled measurement markings. Make sure your compass doesn’t have any bubble in in… it won’t give you the right answers if it does!

Our favorite is the Silva Expedition 4. Don’t forget a map case too!



The most common question of all! Scouts do not need their own knife… we have quality bushcraft, fixed blade knives for training. Before we look at which knives please take a moment to read the Scouting Organisation advice here. You can also find information regarding the law and knives here.

For a folding ‘pocket’ knife there a tonnes of options. Have a look at the Scout website, but the ‘Swiss Army’ type are a firm favourite. Be aware, however, that many people consider the folding knife more dangerous because of the mechanism.


For a fixed blade, ‘bushcraft’ knife it’s tough to beat the Mora range. You can get a good quality knife for under £20. If you’d like to learn more about the knives that are available there’s a good guide here.


If you’re a parent and concerned about the use of knives please talk to us. You could also take a read of this interesting article.




Walking Shoes/Boots

These can again be expensive, especially as you’ll probably outgrow them before you wear them out! In our climate it’s important to ensure they are waterproof… there’s nothing more likely to create discomfort and blisters than soggy shoes. A neat solution could be waterproof socks (have a look here), but you still need the physical protection that robust boots offer.

Use a reputable dealer and get advice in-store. Take your time. If the assistant doesn’t spend time with you then go somewhere else!