What do scouts do?

Scouts are at the age where they can experience the true adventure that scouting has to offer – from arts and crafts in the meeting place to jumping off cliffs, climbing, sailing, hiking, raft building and many more! We aim to give scouts a wide range of experiences so they can learn some new skills by accident along the way.

At 1st Granborough we have hiked (day and night), orienteered, camped (activity camps, bushcraft camps & survival camps), glided, crawled over 737’s & visited the Ambulance station. We’ve learnt how to prepare wild game and then cooked it. We’ve climbed rocks, boulders and anything else we came across. We’ve retrieved lost nuclear warheads and blown up bridges before the enemy arrived. We’ve even built bridges over rivers to replace the ones we blew up!

We’ve also learnt about the local community, Santa, emergency aid, Morse code, navigation, map reading, knife work, geocaching, trapping, cooking over fire, making fire, controlling fire!!, and tonnes more.

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